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Caracas Airport

Caracas Maiquetia Simon Bolivar International Airport is the most important and largest airport in the South American Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which is in the north of the continent on the Caribbean coast.

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Airport Name Caracas Maiquetia Simón Bolívar
City Caracas
Country Venezuela
Tel. +58 (0212) 303.13.51 / 303.15.57 / 355.11.60 / 303.13.29 / 303.15.26
Website www.aeropuerto-maiquetia.com.ve/web/
Timezone America/Caracas
Terminals Nacional, Internacional
Address Aerpuerto Internacional "Simón Bolívar" de Maiqeutia, Avenida Intercomunal Aeropuerto de Maiqeutia, 1160 Municipio Vargas, Estado Vargas, 1161 Venezuela
Runway Name Length Width
10/28 3,500 m 45 m
09/27 3,027 m 44 m


The airport is about 24 km or 14 miles north west of Caracas near Maiquetia. It is accessible on the motorway 2.


Yes; paid short and long-term parking